Dusting Off Old Dreams

Winters Lace

Dusting Off Old Dreams

1 December 2015

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this project of mine. It’s been years on the boil. I thought decades ago about writing a book or two. Then I moved on to a much bigger stage in my mental browsing – how about public speaking instead? With a raft of littles under my feet and all that this entailed, that wasn’t very practical, now was it?

And so it fared a much, much worse fate than being sent to The Back Burner. I think it got packed up in an unlabeled box and tucked into this cluttered warehouse I call a brain.

And here I am, pushing a fateful age and dusting off old dreams. I have a good bit to say. Thoughts that have been ruminating in my head and in my heart for next to forever. So this is my new stage – not just my life, but my virtual podium. Friends have encouraged me for years to pursue my musings. I think the shove I needed was for that to come from within myself.

I have an affection for photographic art. Things that I see inspire this inner dialogue that need to come out to be appreciated. I jotted down a quick insight from a friend a few years back. She said, “Good thoughts about someone else, when unexpressed, are pointless.” Thanks for that Nancy. And she was absolutely right.

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